Individuals create wealth and, as a result, require unique services that cover a far more complex set of problems than they previously encountered. Largent Consulting was established in part to provide individuals and their families with a focal point to create, manage and grow their wealth through proper planning and oversight.

Mr. Largent's previous experience in establishing and managing a family office enables Largent Consulting to provide those individuals and families with the necessary resources, thereby ensuring that wealth is properly managed through oversight of all matters related to income generation and capital preservation.

A comprehensive financial plan is established through a review of investments, property, income and expenses, and strategies are developed ranging from appropriate investment allocations to planning for taxes, gifting, retirement and the estate. Through its contact with trusted investment, legal and tax professionals, Largent Consulting develops and executes a plan, based on a family's requirements, and administers it through continual review. Largent Consulting continues in an administrative capacity by working with the client's professional team and providing various reporting and periodic reviews.