Aelita Software Corporation - $10 million in venture capital raised and $130 million sale to Quest Software.

AmeriLink Corporation - Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee (formerly at NASDAQ: ALNK). Business sold to RadioShack.

Applied Innovation Inc. - Sale to a private VC funded company for $53 million. (formerly at NASDAQ: AINN)

Liebert Capital Management - Established and managed Family Office.

Liebert Corporation - IPO, secondary stock offering and subordinated debt offering with total capital raised of $101 million. Business sold to Emerson Electric for $500 million.

Metatec Corporation - Led the purchase out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a subsequent IPO and secondary stock offering.

Plug Power - CFO leading $150 million IPO (NASDAQ: PLUG).

Unitask, Inc. - Raised $3 million from two venture capital firms.

Veeam Software - CEO, Director and other consulting services.